Effective traffic riding

Effective traffic riding – correct road positioning

Knowledge Level: Beginner The primary and secondary positions An effective rider always occupies the moving traffic lane, either in its left hand third, roughly in line with the near-side of a car in the same place – thus ensuring that she/he can be seen and that drivers have to manoeuvre to overtake – or, if need be, the middle of the lane – thus preventing being overtaken and leaving themselves free to turn, overtake, change lanes etc.

Effective traffic riding – filtering in traffic

Knowledge Level: Beginner Quite logically, we could simply join the queue and wait patiently in the primary position with everyone else. However, this is where the bicycle really comes into its own in the urban environment. A cyclist is far more manoeuvrable, has far greater visibility and is more acutely aware of what’s going on around them than a driver.

Effective traffic riding – roundabouts and complex junctions

The British Cycling guides to effective traffic riding will help you become a more visible and safer rider, whether commuting, training or riding for pleasure. In this article we look at roundabouts and complex junctions.

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