How to Pick Up English

The more naturally the better

The secret of successful method how to learn real English is quite simple even if many might take it for rather a mountain to clib.  But it’s obviously given by the fact that they have never learn the right – working way or, let me brag off a little,  they’ve never been guided by the right teacher.

 I’ve got all the answers through my first-hand teaching experience which might be consider quite long and rich. It’s not like I’d be a 160-year-old tutor, as it might sound, but I’ve got an occasion to teach such a variety of student, as for their age, profesison or achieved language skills. I’ve applied countless teaching methods, I would say I’ve kept trying, because I like to make change and I am never dead satisfied with my teaching results which makes me keep discovering and inventing new methods of teaching English over and over again.

Let’s cut to the chase. How to learn English? As I already said it might be simple, you shall learn as I’ve learnt your mother language. It means to speak and from the very first leasson. It comes without saying that you might listen more than speak at the initial lessons, it doesn’t have to be just to your teacher but at home as well. It’s not so complicated to get to a source of spoken English, possibly natural, not so called textbook Eglish, movies, sopa operas,  news, talk-show, youtube and so on. There’s plenty of quite cool learning stuff as well.

And it’s the teacher’s business to organize the lesson the way which lead the students to respond to to questions simply and quite bluntly at first and step by to step as they pick up more and more vocabulary  it may enable them to  expand on what it’s at their heart. It’s very benefitial to learn actively English vocabulary but not memorize, it must be through talking as well if it’s supposed to work.

And grammar? You will acquire it again just through talking. Of course, the braniacs may literally learn it, but the use of English itself might be quite labored for that matter. Take my word for it, I’ve been around there for quite some time.  And it works the same way for adults and kids alike. The kid’s brain is just more prone to learn (adults might be quite immune for that matterJ). Kids learn more naturally as we all know. They don’t try to speak at any price. They lend an ear to everybody around. And as long as they are  ready – they will shoot:-)