English Online

The arrangements are quite simple. We make it a date for a particular time, just with you or a bunch of learners and I send you a link. This will work for all our later entries in our virtual classroom, which you will be let in at a particualar time upon knocking on. You will do just with a PC, laptop, tablet or a cell phone with a headset. We might use a video chat instead.

It’s quite time saving and flexible tuition that doesn’t lack for personal contact while using a camera. It’s totally up to you how intensive study you prefer if face to face just with a tutor or in or a group class which is less intensive but cheaper.


Adult English Learners

The method is simple, I bring certain topic up, something that’s like you, the more everyday it is the better for learning especially at the beginning. On the other hand the world is abundant in exciting happening, stories or mere curiosities, I’ve been all over it. You may also come with something to talk about yourself or, better yet, it can be the direction where our caht naturally going and it’s up to me to steer it and keep it going. The less you talk the more I ask questions and the other way. Your progress is proportional to your willingness to talk, the silver-tongue (eloquent) guys have an edge over the  tongue-tight. But it’s my job again to draw you out.

The outcome of lessons is either my notes (provided that it’s individual lesson), if you make a real use of them, you will obtain the exact vocab you need. You might be provided with recording of our lesson as well, it will make your self-study easier. The homework (quite practicle, hence amusing) you will be given if you wish. As long as you find time to work on yourslef at home, i don’t mean exactly study, but be ‘exposed’ to English (movies, soap operas, podcasts or study materials intended for listening can work wonder for your English), you will move your way up in English real faster.


English for Kids

The age of a child is important, provided that it’s a small group of learners, its make-up matters. To arrange individual tuition just for a single kid is of course possible, but learning in a couple or with a couple of his contemporaries is for them always more viable. It might be the siblings of different age, girls, boys or a mixed class. Based on it the lesson is directed. Boys might be more competitive, girls talkative, but it can’t be taken for granted. The essential is to lead the kids to a natural communication. The tutor speaks to them English solely as well as with their folks in their presence, it’s matter of principle, it makes kids struggle to find English words in their minds if they want to express themseves or make a simple request.  A lesson consist of games, classic or situational (role playing, mingling), competitions or more or less maneuvered conversations.  The topics are relevant to the age or interests of a child.


Price List

Individual lesson (45 minutes)

1 lesson a week330 CZK
2 lessons a week300 CZK
3 lessons a week270 CZK
4 lessons a week230 CZK

Group lessons (45 minutes)

2 students

190 CZK
3 students145 CZK
4 students120 CZK
5 students100 CZK
6 students90 CZK
7 students80 CZK
8 students70 CZK

Business classess (60 minutes)

1-3 students
450 CZK
4 and more students550 CZK
The lesson price (45/60 min)